Izzybug Photography » Indianapolis Photographer giving teens and tweens the courage to be themselves in a world that asks for so much more.


It PIN IT‘s pretty simple really…I love people.  If you ask me to go on an old fashioned nature excursion and photograph trees and flowers…my response would be, “Will there be people?”  I won’t lie and say I enjoy taking pictures of anything.  I don’t.  However, I can’t wait to get my camera out to capture that moment, that expression…that glimpse straight into the window of the soul.    I strive to seek out the real you, the you that I see…beautiful, unique, you!

Recently I have followed my own advice.  I completely overhauled this business that is Izzybug, and I made it my own.  It was always mine, but not really.  I built my business on what I thought it “should” be.  What “everyone else was doing”  But, I have learned.  You must be true to yourself, or you will find life gets a little duller every day.  I dug deep, and you know what I found?  I love teens.  I love their hearts, their constant fight for independence.  The desire to be different, and yet fit in…all at the same time.  They are courageous, and scared.  Fearful that they don’t fit in.  Afraid that they are not “enough”.  And so, The Courage to Shine was born.  My passion for this project is almost overwhelming.  To have the chance to show these young ladies that each of them is unique, courageous, beautiful…to help them see that it is ok to be exactly who they want to be.  To encourage them, and watch them bloom.  My hope, is that Izzybug is not just a “picture place”, but a community.  A place where our young girls can find the Courage to Shine.