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Time…{Indianapolis Teen Photography}

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you  really are”

         ~e.e. cummings

I will readily admit, I was never a “baby” mom.  I am never the first to ask to hold someone’s brand new baby.  I was never sitting in the circle and said, “Oh I wish I could have another baby!”  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my little girls, loved their pig tails, their little bug voices.  I loved watching them explore, get their voice, and learn what they loved.  I remember several years ago, we went on a family outing…and for the first time I didn’t have to carry a diaper bag, 50 snacks, or a change of clothes.  We just went!  I remember thinking, finally!  We can just be free, hang out, play and it won’t be a big production anymore.  A few years have gone by since then…floated by really.  It was like we were suspended in those “kid” years.  7-8-9-10, they kind of slowly grow and change…so slowly you almost don’t notice.  Then we celebrated 13.  A teenager.  Mildly sad, but really I was just proud, she was growing, maturing, becoming her own person.  Still, the time seemed to be slowly moving by.

Today…oh today.  Time hit me in the face with a sledgehammer!!!  I sent my baby to high school.  My first born was now a freshman.  Time was no longer slowly going by, time was running like a bullet train, and I wished maybe I had not let 10-11-12 go by so easily.  It wasn’t so much that she was in high school, but that in 2 short years she would be driving.  In two more she would be heading to college.  In just 4 years I would be sending my baby away to be an adult.  At 9 high school seemed so far away…but it was 4 short years, and it’s here.  And in 4 more she will be grown.  I am proud of her.  So proud.  I am proud of the choices she makes, the person she is becoming, the life and path she is choosing.  But, for the first time as a parent I can honestly say I am stunned by how quickly the years have gone.  Hug your babies.  Enjoy your teens.  Put down your phones.  Stop posting your life on Facebook and start living it again.  Time disappears oh too quickly on it’s own, let’s savor every moment we can.   8x10 2 up webPIN IT 13925634_1226814564009031_3286092656512778981_oPIN IT

Oh and did I mention My little one is now in 6th grade???  Seriously!!!  I am just as proud of her, her dedication and love of all she does, and while I want her ascent to high school to go a little slower then her sisters…I am truly excited to see the young woman she becomes!

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