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Fitting in, or getting out? {Indianapolis Teen Photographer}

This year I started the “You Are…” campaign. Some of you have seen it, some of you participate. The reason I chose these specific words is so simple. So often we are told what we are not. We are told how we don’t fit in, don’t fit the mold, don’t look the same, or act the same. So often we are shoved full force into the box that is “acceptable society” This campaign challenges us to see each individual for who they are, and praise them for it. So many parents are terrified that their kids will come home with colored hair, or wearing black. They worry that somehow their ripped jeans or saggy pants will exclude them from life. But, under all that experimentation, is a unique personality just trying to get out. I love that we were able to do the entire range of Paytons personality for her senior session. I love that she accepts her silly side. That she loves to laugh and joke like a kid…but that she embraces the side of her that is deep and poetic. That she sees a side of the world that maybe I never will. But, it evokes a perspective and art that is truly hers. She is beautiful from the outside, but the depth and breadth of her soul brings so much more. After her session I thanked her. Thanked her for being true to herself. Thanked her for sparking a creativity in me, one that allowed me to show her how amazing she is.
I never want your senior session to be about “acceptable society” I never want any session to be about that. You, your senior, your child, your teen, and your family…they are all unique. You are not everyone else. You are not bound to the box society tries to put you in. Your images don’t have to be like your neighbors, or last years seniors. Your images have to be you. I say get out.  Get out of that box.  Stop fitting in, and start being you! Because really my friends…”You Are Amazing”

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