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You can be more than one you….{Indianapolis Teen Photographer}

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I remember one time someone told me they loved having boys, but they really loved having girls.  They said boys are great because they can play sports, but girls are better because they can play sports, and dolls.  They can be tough, and soft.  Pretty and tomboy.  Smart and Funny.  But, here is the truth.  We can all be more than one thing.  We ARE more than one thing.  So often, early on in life we are put on a path.  And, by no fault of our own, we are pushed down that path, funneled, channeled towards one end goal.  Maybe at 6 you liked basketball.  At 7 you started playing on a league, by 10 you were in private lessons and travel ball, and by 13 you were done.  You realized you loved to draw, or act or read, or maybe you just love to run.  But, you were already on the basketball path.  There was no more room to be and artist.  You were an athlete.  Channeled, herded, pushed, right into the tight little box that begins to define who we are.  Now, we are never maliciously herded.  Usually the intent is to support us.  Help us grow.  Make us the best at what we love.  But, what if we don’t want to be the best?  What if we just want to enjoy our activities, grow, learn…and have time to pursue other activities?  What if we want to be more than one thing?

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Well, here it is.  This is what I love about what I do.  Giving these girls room to explore themselves.  Talking to them about things that peak their curiosity.  Delving into the dreams they hold on to.  This year, I added a fantasy session on to the model program.  The girls are given a chance to become something they dream, something they love.  For each girls it’s different.  For some, they are right on their chosen path.  For some, I have to help them find a side of them they didn’t know existed yet.  But, for whatever reason, these fantasy sessions prove to be a wide open window into the depth of their personalities.  Bailey, sweet Bailey…she chose the movie Grease.  Her favorite movie of all time.  Straight from her imagination, we created the perfect shoot.  And here is what I love.  Bailey is a student, a sister, she is a little country girl, and a beauty.  She is strong, and sophisticated.  She speaks her mind, and embraces the needs of others.   And she played sweet Sandy and the bad girl Rizzo like it was second nature.  I have no doubt that when she graduates this year, there will be no limit to what she can accomplish!

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