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What is Boutique Photography…(Fishers, Indiana Photography)

I have always avoided posts like this.  I HATE talking about business.  My “business”  is about people.  Anyone who has been in my studio knows that I am very serious about taking care of my clients, and running a legitimate business.  My clients are my priority.  But, they also know that my “business” is more about relationships and giving as much as I can to each person I photograph.  I can’t help it.  I am in love with the human spirit.  But, I digress…on to information.

What is “Boutique Photography”. Plain and simple, it’s the process of walking your clients through each and every step of the process.  In todays photography market it is not unusual to call multiple photographers before you can even get a phone call back.  When you do get that call, or email, you are thrown a one-size-fits-all price, a date and thats it.  When all is said and done you get a disc or a USB with countless images you do not need, and no direction on how to keep them safe forever.  I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get asking me if I can print another photographers files.  The client just wants a large print for the wall and they have no idea how to go about doing it, and the photographer doesn’t either.

This is where “Boutique Photography” comes in.  “Boutique Photography” is about the client.  When a client comes in my studio, I want them to feel like there is no guessing, no question marks.  I want them to feel like they know exactly what is happening in their session.  When it is possible, I always meet with a client before their session.  We talk about what they dream and desire in a session.  We discuss all of my products, and the personality types that prefer them.  If you are someone who never hangs photographs on the wall, then  I know we are not going to be talking about canvas collections, and I won’t even try to sell them to you.  We also discuss budget.  Boutique Photography can be pricy, and I want my clients to feel in control of what they are spending.  If I know what their budget is coming in, then all the sales pressure is gone.  My job is now to keep you on budget.  After we have met, and everyone is on the same page we begin planning outfits and locations.  Often times I have the perfect location in mind.  But, sometimes I will seek one out.  I am often texting them back and forth to clients as well as outfit choices and hair and makeup ideas.  Again, there is no guessing.  I want you to feel confident before we even begin your session.  During your session we just have fun.  There is no time limit in a “boutique session”, no outfit or location limits.  I do not charge extra because you chose to have more than 2.5 children.  I am there for you.


About 2 weeks after your session we will meet again to see your images.  I will help you narrow down all of your favorites and choose what images to print on what.  This is where knowing you and investing in you helps me.  I can help you stay on track, on budget, and on task.  We have been sold the idea that we need 600 images from one session.  That if we don’t have our hands on EVERY image from a session that we are missing out somehow.  But you don’t need that many.  It’s the same face, same hair, often times the same outfit.  And I will tell you there are always clear favorites, those are the ones you need.  I help you not to get distracted on spending your hard earned money on the ones you don’t need.  If you are someone who would like a wall gallery, I can design that for you, to scale, on your wall!  You will know exactly what it will look like before you invest.  After the proofing session I will order your prints and they will be ready for pick up with in 2 weeks of your proofing.


(Mock up of a clients wall.  The client sent me an iPhone image of her wall, and with my software I designed this gallery)

You will never see the words “Boutique”  on my website.  For me, it is just how my clients should be treated.  For me it is just Photography.  Any session you choose at Izzybug, except for Simply Black and White, and Izzybug Express, comes with the same customer service and care.  Now, of course I am there for you in a Simply Black and White and Izzybug Express, but these sessions are designed with your time and budget in mind.  You don’t need a full “boutique” session every single year, and these help you get in and out quickly.  I will discuss them in another post.   In the meantime, hopefully this helps understand more about the process of what I do, and why it is so different from many in the industry.  I would love to talk to you about how I can be of service to you.

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